Keeping Your Outdoor Rug Clean

Rugs are very universal and essential for many homeowners. With rugs, you do not have to worry about slipping and hurting yourself on hard flooring. Rugs have also been a way to express creativity with patterns and various colors. It is important to maintain your indoor rug as well as your outdoor rug.

Your Interior Rug vs. Your Exterior Rug

Your interior rug may need to be cleaned and vacuumed periodically. It all depends on the amount of traffic you have in and out of your home.

You may not notice the huge contrast in between an interior and exterior rug, however; an outdoor rug will need to be cleaned and maintained daily because of environmental exposure. The heat, air, moisture, and dirt from the outside can easily slide onto your patio and deep into the material of your outdoor rug.

Clean Outdoor Rug

Why is it Important to Keep Your Outdoor Rug Maintained?

The microscopic creatures of the outdoors will have no quarrels when it comes to nesting and eating within the hairs of your carpet. Small insects are prone to making your outdoor rug more dirtier and unattractive.

Caring for Outdoor RugsThe Sun is a vast and bright star, but it does not filter out the people or things in which it harms. The burning rays that emit from the Sun are to burn and discolor your outdoor rug. The discoloration will cause your rug to become unmatched with the rest of your patio. Your other furniture and accessories may be protected, but neglecting an outdoor rug is relatively easy.

If you have a lot of family members that enjoy walking outside onto your patio, then you are already aware of the number of times your outdoor carpet has been stepped up. Dirt usually attracts to the sole of our shoes, causing us to track it around in different places subconsciously. The dust particles that build up over time can create more unwanted dirt, tracking it all over your marvelous rug.

A Few Tips on Keeping Your Outdoor Rug Clean

  • Be aware of the type of material your rug is made of. Step outside just to monitor any changes in color.
  • If you are noticing new dirt and stain marks, immediately handwash your rug with a color safe soap, allowing it to naturally air dry outside
  • If you or a family member spill a juice or food on the carpet, immediately clean up the food and juice. Do not allow any substances or stains to leak or set into the material of the rug.
  • Vigorously shake and pat off your rug after family and friends gatherings. The less dirt and crumbs you leave on your carpet, the longer it will last.
  • Vacuum the carpet to suck up unwanted dust particles that are hard to see. Combine this tip with shaking and patting for reassurance.
  • Switch out your outdoor rugs periodically if so choose. Doing this will allow both of your outdoor rugs to stay moderately clean and well maintained.