Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A New Look For Less

Most people cringe when considering a remodel of their kitchen cabinets. However, refacing is actually a green alternative to a full remodel, and the preferred method of updating an existing and functional kitchen. Cabinet refacing is an easy way to customize without the drama and expense of a full removal of the old kitchen framing and cabinetry. It’s also the most affordable process, costing half as much as new custom work by taking the old, dingy, and beat up cabinets and giving them a fresh, new appearance.

space saving kitchen

Kitchen Renovation For Less

Our favourite residential builders Vati Projects have been kind enough to give our readers three great cost saving ideas on how to refresh your tired kitchen without breaking the bank. After working in residential development and renovations for as long as they have, you can guarantee they’ve seen their fair share of kitchens and know exactly what works and what doesn’t, so get out your notepad and ready your tape measure, we’re about to get busy!

3 Kitchen Ideas to Get Things Started:

  • Bead Board Cabinets – the homey kitchen is coming back. In some ways it never left as a cosy cottage aesthetic is always in style. Using a new bead board cabinet face is an affordable option which can easily alter the look of your cabinets. Bead board is currently available in a variety of styles and patterns, very easy to repaint, (should the need for change arise again!) and is resistant to mould and mildew.

bead board kitchen

  • Functional Changes – it might be difficult to imagine what you could do with your cabinets other than their current configuration. However, modern cabinets can do so much more than just shelving. Drawers can contain spice racks. The doors slide open to house hidden areas for common kitchen utensils, and even larger pots and pans. Corner cabinets are now available with high-tech, space-saving storage options to make the most of “lost” or hard-to-use space. These are all ready to be overhauled with the money saved during a cabinet refacing.

corner drawers design

  • Updated Hinges and Hardware – No more slamming of drawers or cabinets. Modern hinges close slowly and gently, reducing noise, even when in a hurry. And new cabinet drawer glides can do the same for drawers. Cabinet handles and pulls can also go a long way towards updating an older kitchen.

hidden hinge kitchen


By preserving the existing cabinetry framework, you can re-route the savings into other areas until you realize your ultimate dream kitchen. Kitchen refacing allows for more options to become available that might otherwise be cut or delayed due to budget concerns. The extra cash can be used for an upgrade to the counter top, a custom, free-standing island, or additional storage space accessories and hardware options. You could also stretch the funds to finish the space with some decorative moulding, ceiling fan, custom lighting, or other personal touches like a rug.

You can save some green and be green at the same time with refacing. This eco-friendly, affordable alternative for remodelling your kitchen will keep your cabinet framework out of landfill and use fewer resources. And, a refacing upgrade will take far less time, allowing you back into new your kitchen quickly, and with far less disruption than would be created by a full rebuild. This is only possible when you consider custom kitchen cabinet refacing.

If you do decide to go the whole hog and do a complete kitchen renovation, be sure to check out this handy guide for kitchen renovations on Houzz.