6 Steps To Get Your Home Ready For Short Term Renting

Short term renting of space for short-term is increasingly becoming popular, particular due to the emergence of rental sites such as the Homestay, Airbnb, and Roomorama. With more and more travellers preferring private space rentals to hotel rooms, short-term renting is expected to grow larger. But with the increased competition, guests are demanding more than just a bed or basic hotel room.

Tips for Short Term Rental

What can you do to increase chances of attracting guests? Well, here are few things to ensure your space is rental ready and general tips for renting out your house:

Clear all Clutter

This is about the neatness and convenience. The guest will probably arrive at your place tired after long hours of travel, and the last thing that they would wish is finding an unkempt space. They may need to unpack their bags as soon as they arrive and feel at home. Ensure that you’ve cupboard and drawer space for the storage of the personal items. You also need to provide them with appliances such washing machine, coffee makers amongst other things that will make their easy much easier.

Maintain Privacy

Keeping privacy of both the guest and the owner is paramount. Listing your property on these sites exposes your privacy to strangers. Similarly, the guest will be putting their trust on someone that they barely know. So you’ve to create an environment that both of you will feel secure and comfortable. If you’re renting a private room in the house that you live in, then you’ve to do more such as sharing a meal or showing them around the city to make them feel comfortable.

Clear CommunicationClear Communication

Communication is critical. You need to keep in touch with the guests before and during their stay to avoid surprises. This will ensure that you always on the same page. In case you don’t live in the apartment, it’s good to meet your guests on arrival and let them know that you are always available anytime they may have an issue during their stay.


Location matters a lot when it comes to the marketability of your space. Guests will prefer a rental that provides easy exploration to the surrounding. They will be looking facilities such as gyms, restaurants and entertainment hubs amongst other facilities.


Aside from making sure that your home interior design is clean and clutter-free, you have to also make sure that you’ve fixed all safety hazards in your space to ensure guest’s safety. It will be a huge blow if your guest suffers from accidents; as a result of inadequate safety checks. Triple check security features, smoke alarms, and locks to keep for the safety of the guest.